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Customer satisfaction form

    List of judgments


    * 1 insufficient; 2 enough; 3 good; 4 very good.
    A) Documentation and information
     Completeness and clarity 1234
     Accessibility 1234
    Accuracy and compliance with the request 1234
    B) Products
    Value for money 1234
    Reliability 1234
    Efficiency 1234
    Wide product range 1234
    C) Returns
     Punctuality 1234
    Mode 1234
     Flexibility 1234
    D) Assistance Services
    Kindness 1234
    Expertise 1234
    Timeliness 1234
    Assistance 1234
    After Sales Service 1234

    Order of importance?

    (uses a numbering from 1 to 4; 1 for the most important, 4 for the less important)

    Documentation and information
    Assistance services

    General informations

    Describe your structure and its possible variations.
    Our product/service has been generally satisfactory?
    Your suggestions
    Contact details
    Privacy Policy*
    Marketing activities*:
    i consenti do not consent

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